RVA Applications for Malting & Brewing

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020Description :
In malting and brewing applications, it’s important to ensure consistent performance in stored barley and finished malt. This webinar reviews how brewers and maltsters use the PerkinElmer Rapid Visco-Analyser (RVA) to measure stored barley viability, ensuring consistent, viable product enters the malting operation. Maltsters can use the RVA to characterize the malting potential of a stored barley, and can even use RVA results to predict the Coarse Concentrated Hot Water Extract (CCHWE) of the eventual malt. RVA analysis of finished, kilned malt correlates well to Apparent Attenuation Limit (AAL), a measure of fermentability and free sugars. The RVA measures and quantifies the effect of brewing adjuncts and enzymes on the mashing behavior of a malt, improving the consistency and efficiency of the brewing process. Learn More: https://bit.ly/2Jd4DE0

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