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Capacity Expansion in Fluid Management and Fermantation Manufacturing Our dynamic manufacturing network expansion best serves our customers' business continuity. This keeps us close to our customers and enables us to operate in case of any unforeseen events. Our network includes five bag production facilities on four continents with an overall ISO-7 cleanroom capacity of 75.000 - the largest in the market - and multiple locations for filtration, purification and fermentation technologies. We are currently expanding our bag manufacturing capacities to 105.000 square feet. Over the last two years we invested more than 350 Mio. EUR into infrastructure projects. We deliver the highest level of quality in the single-use industry by the means of end-to-end control of our manufacturing process, from resin to finished product. Our frequent quality control guarantees that our finished products are released when all critical test-release-criteria are passed. While industry practices only perform quarterly or yearly testing, we control the level of endotoxins, bioburden, sub-visible particles and visible particles of our finished products via a weekly testing program. This avoids the risk of using an out-of-specification-bag. Additionally, bags are leak tested and visually inspected for defects and particles during the manufacturing process. Finished products can be integrity tested using our helium integrity test with 2 ?m detection limit correlated to microbial ingress and liquid leaks.

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