Pipette Check, according to DIN EN ISO8655, on the Cubis® II

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Friday, January 10, 2020Description :
The Pipette Check application is used for the simple and reliable testing of piston stroke pipettes with fixed or variable volume type A or D1. In the application, the pipette and climate data can be recorded, as well as the used measuring instruments and pipette tips documented. Templates are available for 140 different Sartorius pipettes, of which the data is automatically adopted after selection. On the base of the nominal volume specified for a pipette, the software automatically determines the permissible tolerances for the random and systematic error in accordance with DIN EN ISO 8655. For more detailed information, take a look at our video. The 'weigh' is over. Learn more at www.sartorius.com/cubis-ii #CubisII #labweighing #labbalances #labequipment

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