Palltronic® AquaWIT IV Filter Integrity Test System

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018Description :
For accurate, reproducible, reliable automatic integrity testing of liquid or gas filters. With the Water Intrusion Test (WIT) fast becoming the in situ integrity test of choice for hydrophobic filters, the Palltronic AquaWIT IV system is the latest in the line of Pall's state-of-the art products developed specifically to perform crucial filter integrity testing - accurately, reproducibly and reliably. The system fills the housing of a hydrophobic filter with water, performing a Water Intrusion Test, then drains the housing. A new feature to this latest version of the Palltronic AquaWIT system is the option to wet hydrophilic liquid filters with water prior to integrity testing by the Forward Flow or Bubble Point test. A clear and well-defined wetting procedure that uses minimal of water can be of real benefit for the pre-use testing of filters, for example in Allegro™ single-use systems. - Fully automated test preparation and integrity test cycle for hydrophobic filters - Fully automated filter wetting and testing sequence for hydrophilic filters - Automated control of the key parameters that influence Water Intrusion Test results - Designed for use in GMP environments subject to controls on Electronic Records and Signatures (21 CFR Part 11) - Sanitary design with removable internal water tank Benefits - Saves operator time, delivers a fully-controlled test sequence - Enables accurate and reliable testing of sterile liquid filters - Ensures reproducible test results - Assures and protects the safety of paperless test records - Simple to clean, trouble-free maintenance

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