mPath™ Benchtop Bioreactor Control Towers: Flexible Control for Single-Use Cell Culture

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Friday, May 11, 2018Description :
The mPath™ controller architecture provides powerful process control for the unique needs of single-use bioprocessing. Emphasizing robustness, ease-of-use and flexibility, mPath controllers combine the robustness of manufacturing with the flexibility of process development. The architecture, based on programmable logic controllers (PLCs) outperforms microcontroller based embedded systems typically seen at this scale. When integrated with Pall bioreactors, mPath control towers easily handle process development (PD), seed applications and small scale manufacturing. Flexible options for single-use sensors, variable speed pumps, networking and interfaces allow customization to individual process needs. Six precision mass flow controllers and three biocontainer hangers with integrated load cells track process inputs accurately. With advanced features designed for single-use, mPath controllers put fewer limits on your processes and your creativity. For more information visit

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