Lecture: Inflammatory Tuning of Epithelial Stem Cells, Shruti Naik

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Thursday, May 17, 2018Description :
Title of lecture: Inflammatory Tuning of Epithelial Stem Cells Sartorius and Science Prize Finalist 2017: Shruti Naik, PhD, The Rockefeller University, New York, USA The body’s epithelial barriers, including the skin, lung, and intestine are routinely exposed to damage causing pathogenic and noxious agents. Yet, our understanding of how barrier tissues cope with such recurrent pressures is limited. Naik found that the fundamental units of epithelial tissues, their stem cells, remember acute inflammatory encounters. This memory of inflammation is encoded at the level of chromatin within epithelial stem cells and endows them with the ability to respond faster to subsequent stressors such as wounding. Thus, epithelia learn from and adapt to environmental stress signals for the sake of tissue fitness and function. These findings reveal that inflammatory memory is not a unique feature of immune cells but also extends to long-lived epithelial stem cells. Such an understanding of inflammatory memory has important implications for the use of stem cell based therapies to treat inflammatory epithelial diseases, chronic wounds, and cancers. ? More information about the Sartorius Research Xchange Forum on Trends and Challenges in Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy 2018: https://promotions.sartorius.com/rxf2018/

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