Lecture: Hacking Immune Cells to Expand Their Therapeutic Potential, Kole T. Roybal

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Thursday, May 17, 2018Description :
Title of lecture: Hacking Immune Cells to Expand Their Therapeutic Potential Sartorius and Science Prize Winner: Kole T. Roybal, PhD, Assoc. Prof., University of California, San Francisco, USA Department of Microbiology & Immunology The ability to customize and shape the activity of therapeutic cells could dramatically improve the safety and efficacy of cellular therapies for cancer, autoimmunity, and regenerative medicine. Given this, we have recently developed a novel class of synthetic receptors called synthetic Notch (synNotch) receptors that directly induce a custom transcriptional response when they recognize disease or tissue-related cues. SynNotch receptors are remarkably effective for precise control over the therapeutic activity of immune cells such as T cells. SynNotch T cells are capable of enhanced recognition of diseased tissues and localized therapeutic action that goes beyond what is naturally achieved by the immune system. SynNotch receptor circuits are, therefore, a versatile platform to program precision cellular therapies for a broad range of diseases. More information about the Sartorius Research Xchange Forum on Trends and Challenges in Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy 2018: https://promotions.sartorius.com/rxf2018/

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