Kleenpak® Presto Connectors: Quick Overview

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Friday, January 11, 2019Description :
Single-use Kleenpak™ Connectors allow for the simple dry connection of two separate pre-sterilized fluid pathways, while maintaining the sterile integrity of both. • No capital equipment required • Connections made in seconds • Easy to make connection even in a cramped environment • Maintains sterile fluid pathways upon activation of device • Peel-away strip maintains sterility until ready to use • Vented to allow steam penetration and to prevent tubing collapse after autoclaving • Shape coding and locking mechanism prevents incorrect assembly • Device makes audible snap when engaged Learn more at: https://shop.pall.com/us/en/biotech/single-use-solutions/connectors-and-disconnectors/kleenpak-sterile-connectors-zidgri78l4j'utm_source=web&utm_medium=pallbiotechyoutube&utm_campaign=gpvLnzKt-ek

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