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Sterisart® NF disposables and Sterisart® Universal Pump Learn more: Sterisart® universal pump for sample and media transfer into the Sterisart® NF systems for sterility tests. The peristaltic pump can be used in clean rooms, integrated into clean benches, or installed countersunk in the working surface of isolators. The sterility test consumables include a completely closed system for the sterility testing of open and closed containers, pre-filled syringes, powders, medical devices, etc. It is based on the membrane filter method, however, it eliminates the procedure of manipulating the filters. A peristaltic pump transfers the sample into the filtration units, and after rinsing, the filtration units are filled with culture media and used for incubation of the filters without any contact with the environment. #labequipment #Sterisart #labfilters

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