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Automation Redefined. presented by Dr. Stuart Tindal, Product Manager, FlexAct® Platform and Dr. Burkhard Joksch, Manager, Product Manager, Bioprocess Automations Human errors and data loss are critical pain points for single-use commercial manufacturing and can impact the release of your products. With our second generation FlexAct® unit we developed a configurable standardized bioprocessing platform, able to switch between and perform six different unit operations in one device. The platform can manage the media input and downstream product output volumes of a two thousand liter production bioreactor. The new automation platform is based on industrial automation hardware and ANSI-eightyeight automation engineering principles. It can interface with every industrial available distributed control system over a range of communication protocols. To give as much flexibility as possible we roll out this innovation to additional products. Furthermore, we developed standardized solutions to make workflows easier. Most importantly to name is our single-use dead-end-filtration system MaxiCaps MR, with up to twenty-seven square meter filtration area, as well as clarification-cassettes for up to two thousand liter production bioreactor volume for rapid cell removal. This demonstrates how we are building the foundations for end-to-end single-use manufacturing.

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