Ariana (TM) Pharma receives 1 million Euros from OSEO under the ISI program IMAkinib

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Ariana (TM) Pharma receives 1 million Euros from OSEO under the ISI program IMAkinib
Monday, October 12, 2009Description :
Ariana (TM) Pharma, a provider of decision support tools for optimizing drug discovery, today announced funding of ? 1 million from OSEO, within the framework of the IMAkinib program, Which aims at the development of biomarkers in oncology. This collaborative program will enable Ariana (TM) to significantly strengthen its KEM (Knowledge Extraction Management) technology by working on a new area: the development of imaging biomarkers.

Cancer remains a very prominent pathology, in terms of incidence, mortality and associated costs. The WHO estimates that cancer-related mortality is expected to increase by 51 percent between 2002 and 2030, with about 11.5 million deaths related to this disease by 2030 worldwide. The IMAkinib program aims to improve oncology treatments by developing a new generation of specific biomarkers for targeted diagnosis and treatment. Led by the company Oncodesign, the project also includes the industrialist Guerbet, for radiotracers and clinical trials. The total cost of the program amounts to 24.7 million euros over 8 years, of which 10.3 million euros contributed by OSEO.

The exhaustive analysis of data allowing the selection and optimization of sensitive and specific biomarkers remains a major limiting factor in current efforts in the field of biomarkers. The systematic analysis technology KEM (R) developed by Ariana (TM) could have a significant impact, allowing to exceed the limits of conventional statistical analyzes. Beyond the specific IMAkinib program, this project will enable Ariana (TM) to develop its expertise by extending the use of its KEM (R) technology to the field of in vivo biomarkers.

Within IMAkinib, Ariana (TM) will contribute to the multi-objective optimization of the radiotracer profile and the selection of the best candidate. With its proprietary KEM (R) tool, Ariana (TM) can shorten the time needed to develop biomarkers and reduce costs. The automatic and exhaustive detection of the possible biomarkers allows a better selection and a reduction of the risks linked to the choice of the tracers.

"Our inclusion in this program is important because it reinforces the power and reliability of our KEM (R) decision support technology that has been developed over the past several years," said Mohammad Afshar, CEO of Ariana (TM) Pharma. "The results of the IMAkinib program will enable Ariana (TM) to position itself much faster in the market for biomarker development assistance. "Through this collaboration, Ariana (TM) will be able to offer its customers a KEM (R) Biomarker offer, which will accelerate their development processes. In addition, the automation and completeness of possible data analysis using KEM (R) technology leads to optimal selection of biomarkers.

"IMAkinib represents a major growth opportunity for Ariana (TM), and opens up a new scope for our multi-objective (KEM (R)) data analysis technology for the development of in vivo biomarkers," continues Mohammad Afshar. "We are also pleased to work with Guerbet and Oncodesign and bring to the consortium our leading-edge techniques in data analysis and drug development. "

About Ariana (TM) Pharma

Ariana (TM) Pharma offers innovative decision support tools in multi-objective analysis to accelerate and significantly improve the development and tolerance of pharmaceuticals. Its KEM (Knowledge Extraction and Management) platform intelligently exploits data, including data that other systems neglect, and it helps scientists to make simultaneous decisions that involve consideration of criteria and Objectives. The company rapidly marketed its software through several collaborations and licensing agreements with some of the largest biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Ariana (TM) was founded in 2003 and is based in Paris.

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